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Dear NPH Partners, Members, Allies, and Supporters, 

We did it! I am beyond thrilled to share that key NPH Priority Bills have been signed into law! AB 1482, AB 1486, and AB 1487 are now officially the law of the land. I can't stress enough how transformative these bills will be for addressing California's and the Bay Area's housing challenges.

By embracing all three housing elements of Production, Preservation, and tenant Protections, these bills illustrate how a holistic, multi-faceted, multi-sector approach to housing solutions is the key to real solutions for today AND tomorrow: 

  • AB 1482 (Chiu): This tenant protections bill will help families stay in their homes by limiting extreme or unreasonable rent increases and preventing arbitrary evictions. 
  • AB 1486 (Ting): Sponsored by NPH, this Public Lands for Public Good bill will strengthen the state's Surplus Land Act to transform unused public land into affordable housing.
  • AB 1487 (Chiu): Sponsored by NPH, this Bay Area Regional Housing Solutions bill authorizes ABAG and MTC to pursue new regional funding and programs to strengthen the Bay Area with more affordable homes and protections for longtime residents.

I'm sure you noticed that the momentum and hunger for real change has been especially palpable this 2019 Legislative Session. We're at the start of something new, something significant, and something impactful for our region and state. This is only the beginning to forging a path to a new, comprehensive approach to housing justice that will create real, tangible, and meaningful solutions for our neighbors and for our future. 

And our lawmakers are ready to lead the way for real progress for affordable housing. This week, I joined colleagues Pedro Galvao, NPH Policy Director, and JR Starrett, NPH Advocacy Director, in Oakland to attend the Governor's signing of the above housing bills. In addition to our legislators affirming their commitment to affordable housing, Governor Gavin Newsom aptly noted that homelessness and housing "is the issue that defines all issues."

The critical housing wins this week are a clear indicator of our hard work and unwavering commitment to this issue. I can't thank you enough for being courageous and standing alongside us as we advance our affordable housing movement. You and the entire NPH community inspire me! 

As we get ready to celebrate these huge wins for NPH and our community, I can't help but think about how much more work we have ahead. In 2020 we’ll be fighting to move forward critical solutions such as AB 10 to increase investments for affordable housing and our communities, SB 50 to support the construction of more homes, especially affordable homes, and advance with our bill co-sponsor Enterprise Community Partners a Bay Area regional ballot measure through the opportunity afforded under AB 1487. This is only the beginning, and I'm so grateful that we have each other to keep advancing our vision of a California where everyone has a safe, stable, and affordable place to call home.


Amie Fishman
NPH Executive Director

PS: Don't forget to visit our Action Center for the status and details on all of our Priority Bills, and please check out my recent statement on the 2019 Legislative Session.

Members of the NPH team joined legislators on October 8 in Oakland to celebrate the signing of AB 1482. From left to right: Pedro Galvao of NPH, Amie Fishman of NPH, Governor Gavin Newsom, Assemblymember David Chiu, JR Starrett of NPH, and Geeta Rao of Enterprise Community Partners. (We're grateful that Enterprise Community Partners was our co-sponsor of AB 1487!)

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